Quality Assurance

To ensure quality of service the following operational steps are undertaken: The duties and responsibilities will be assigned at various levels of supervision. Checks will be grouped in the following heads:

A. Day Checks: As a matter of policy, all shifts of all units will be checked at least once a day. The Operations Manager will chalk out a programme and task their staff accordingly. Observations made by the supervisory staff and checking staff will be immediately attended to and the points needing attention of the client will be soon forwarded to him through an advisory note.

B. Night Checks: Since the chances of security lapses are more at night, the scope of night checks is relatively more for improving the quality of services rendered tothe client. A night checking Programme will be chalked and Supervisors, Security Inspectors, OPS Officer and Branch Manger will conduct routine checks. In addition, Managers at all levels will conduct surprise checks to assess the quality of guarding.

C. A Weekly Review Meeting will be done between The TSS and client Representative to review all operational matters and this procedure will be strictly adhered to maintain the standard of the performance of security services.

D. A monthly meeting, if required will be organized between Client and Tss Core Team to discuss all Training, Operational, administrative and financial issues.